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Daniel Bo

Managing Partner

Daniel has integrated his background in Electrical Engineering with an entrepreneurial spirit, establishing a successful brokerage in the San Francisco Bay Area. With an impressive portfolio of accomplishments, thriving syndications in the Detroit Metro Area, and at the helm of his own successful real estate brokerage, Daniel is able to leverage his experience and his network of investors and professionals to achieve success for everyone involved.
Central to Daniel’s strategy is the strategic acquisition of multi-family residences, a move that ensures immediate cash flow while providing substantial avenues for value augmentation. This strategic approach calls for calculated cash-out refinancing once properties attain stabilization, which is able to allow investor professionals to get truly passive income while minimizing their risk.

Justin Barton

Managing Partner

Justin Barton’s journey from the telecommunications industry to the vanguard of Commercial Real Estate exemplifies the power of entrepreneurial spirit and strategic prowess. His 15-year odyssey, punctuated by corporate collaborations, pioneering initiatives, and transformative growth, serves as a testament to his unyielding commitment to excellence.
Investor professionals seeking a partner with a rich history of entrepreneurial success, a knack for innovation, and an unwavering dedication to strategic growth need look no further than Justin Barton. His journey from telecommunications maverick to commercial real estate visionary encapsulates the embodiment of potential waiting to be harnessed. With Justin at the helm, investors gain access to a remarkable tapestry of experience, poised to harness immediate cashflow and capitalize on burgeoning real estate opportunities.



Broker Associate

Not only is Vicki a successful broker, she’s also an award-winning developer and general contractor with 27 years under her belt. She’s known to have the best eye for property development!


Broker Associate

With 20 experience in commercial real estate, Brenda focuses on shopping centers and retail parks. She’s worked with companies like Target, Barnes and Noble and Hobby Lobby. 


Broker Associate

Laura is a master of the marketplace and handles a majority of the international clientele. She speaks Japanese, French and Spanish, and has worked abroad, which has given her  unique expertise!

Experienced Operators

Meet Our Seasoned Operators

Our team of experienced operators is at the forefront of real estate investment expertise. With a proven track record in managing multifamily properties, we’re skilled in maximizing returns, optimizing operations, and ensuring the success of our investors. We understand the intricacies of the market and leverage our industry insights to deliver exceptional results.

Our Operators

Why Choose Our Operators?


Strategic Insight

Our operators possess deep industry knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions and navigate market trends effectively.

Proactive Management

We take a proactive approach to property management, ensuring that investments are well-maintained and positioned for growth.




Our operators are committed to serving the best interests of our investors, aligning every strategy with the goal of delivering strong returns.

Risk Management

We prioritize risk management, implementing strategies to mitigate potential challenges and safeguard investments.


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